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... The hell?

Um, is it just me, or is everyone else seeing children running around...


I got the part!!!!!

 OMG!!! I got the part of the Baker's wife!
Thats the part that won a frigging TONY!!!

Wow, I'm sooooo happy right now!

Everyone, congrats on getting your part, and I look forward to working with you!


Aw, man I'm so nervous!!!
I'm gonna blackout while I'm singing, I just know it...

Everyone who is gonna audition, break a leg!!!

18th May, 2010

...I'm a boy?

I'M A BOY!!!!

Hell is over!!!


11th May, 2010

Okay, I'm a lot calmer now, chocolate does wonders...

Right, so I think this wasn't some stupid prank, cause everything...new is very real...
That is kinda scary...

But at least now I can go around eating whatever candy and chocolate I want!
And I'm still very cute, haha


I get it already, I know I look like a frigging girl!
There's no reason to stick these... balloon things on me! Or worse, give me this...this... gaping hole!

No, I mean it, somebody, please help me get rid of the balloons!

If I find out the one reasponsible for this hell, I will chop him up in little bits!

2nd Apr, 2010

My sister is knocked up again...

Whoopie-fucking-do, dirty diapers duty...

My mom called me the other day and asked me when I would bring home a girl I like... my parents suck...



Holy shit, I'm getting old!!!!



Whoever thought it was funny to put green dye in my shampoo, I am going to find you and kill you in the most painfull way known to mankind...

It took me an entire WEEK to get that shit out of my hair!

Be afraid...Be VERY afraid.

(ooc: and I hereby declare Rinrin back from Hiatus :D I survived the family vacation! Anyone who wants to claim credit for putting the dye in Rins hair, be my guest)